NEW Developed for us by Aubrey Young who has 30+ years of tanning experience in the taxidermy industry.  Testimonials from named taxidermist.

scott gunn cougar
I’ve been tanning my own hides for 24 years now and have always said tanning is not rocket science. The Native Americans did it with little to no resources. Having known Aubrey Young for a few years and his wealth of tanning experience, I was excited to learn Jim Allred Taxidermy Supply came out with TanZall,  a new tan developed by Aubrey.  I knew it was going to be good, and I knew I had to try it out. I purchased 10 gallons and had it shipped.  After opening the container from first impression was the pleasant order. I always mix my tans with a drill and a paint mixer attachment to insure a good even mix of the components. After pickling up some capes, I proceeded to tan them with the paint-on tan. Let them sweat 24 hours, rinsed, drained an proceeded to measure. What I can say about TanZall is that it produces a nice white hide that has a non greasy, stretchy, leathery feel to the hide. It produces a soft, supple skin that sews easily with good stretch, and holds the thread well. Upon drying and finishing, my mounts dried well with minimal shrinkage. TanZall Paint-On Tan produces the soft look we all want to obtain in our mounts. With the proper process of pickling, degreasing, shaving, final detail thinning of your hides, and a good quality hide glue, you can absolutely expect high quality results from this TanZall Paint-On tan.

Scott Gunn, Gunners Taxidermy
Bruce,  WI

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Scottsville, KY

NWTF Youth Champion 2017
Mounted on WT-8520
landon witt NWTF champion

turkey roost slideArtificial Turkey Roost,  available in both finished and unfinished.  Turkey mounted by Andy Speer

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NEW  Cape Stretcher

Stretching a short incision cape has never been so easy.  Easily stretch any cape to its original size and larger for easy slipping onto the form.

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