Use a pair of calipers to measure the diameter of the pedicle under the burr.  Use the chart below to select the proper size  skull

3/4″   order a Small
1″   order a Medium
1¼”  order a Large
1½” order an x-large


This pedicle measures 3/4 inch so we would use the “Small” reproduction skull


If the spread is a concern,  tie a string or use duct tape and place in  a couple places on the main beam.  This will give you the correct spread when attaching the antlers.


Use a band saw or other hand saw to remove the antlers just below the burr.  Be care full not to cut into the burr!


The antlers removed from the original skull


You will need a dremel tool with a grinding burr similar to the one pictured.  We sell the Kutzall burrs which will last for years.


Looking at the burr from underneath, you will need to take the grinder and recess the area where the pedicle was attached.  You will need to grind down about 1/8 inch.


NOTE!!  The grinding process will smell like drilling in a dentist office.  You may want to do
this outside!


Trial fit and continue grinding until the antler slips down over the pedicle on the reproduction skull.  This will result in there not being a seam to repair later.


Grinding Complete


Good Fit!


You will now need a coarse thread Machine screw or lag bolt, and a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw.


Drill a pilot hole in the center of the beam,  be sure to stay in the center of the beam.


Screw the bolt into the antler leaving about 11/4 inch exposed.  On bigger antlers such as Elk, Caribou you can put two screws into the antler.


Now drill a hole down the center of the pedicle.  Watch the angle.  Be careful not to drill into the eye orbit.


Use a paddle bit or larger drill bit to drill the hole into the pedicle.


The hole should be deeper than the screw can reach and larger than the head of the screw.  it may be necessary to bend the screw slightly.


Test fit everything. When satisfied, mix up some bondo and fill each hole about 2/3 full.  Attach the antlers and hold them in place until the bondo sets up.  I recommend doing one side at a time.


Attach the skull mount to a nice panel.

Appox. time to complete:

45 minutes